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Premium Summer Showdown: HBO vs. Showtime (according to Niki)

Aw, thanks for welcoming me back to the bloggotorium with open arms! You’re too kind! Just stop with the compliments already. Oh, you’re just being facetious. Ok fine, yes, it has been a while since I’ve graced you with my pop culturian ways and I apologize! Yeesh!

So, I’ve decided to start a new section here at CitySisters for the summer where HBO and Showtime go head to head and battle for a place in my heart each week. Mainly, I’ll be comparing True Blood, Weeds, Entourage and The Big C. Every Tuesday I will choose a winner and decide who wore it aired it better: HBO or Showtime.

Let’s not waste anymore time.  The winner for this week’s premium summer showdown is…HBO! Since Entourage hasn’t started yet, this win is mainly due to True Blood and drunkenly awesome Eric Northman. This episode had the right balance of humor and drama, from the Alicide/Eric grunt off in the sun to Jason freeing himself from the hot shot hell hole.  I really hope he doesn’t start losing his personal sense of hygiene and will to go to the gym! All in all, the episode flowed nicely and answered some questions, while also posing some new ones. Is Baby Mikey really evil? Will Pam and Eric go back to normal anytime soon (a hideous Pam is one I just don’t want to know)? How will Sam find Tommy? And yuck, will Jason go back to HotShot to live after he turns into a werepanther? I don’t know, but I’m super excited to find out!

Now, Weeds and The Big C weren’t bad this week, but I found myself more annoyed with the characters’ actions than excited by it.  I’ve seen them do better is all. MY SHOUTING VOICE: (Weeds) JILL! Give Nancy her kid back! (The Big C) HEADPHONES GUY: Nobody likes “that just joking guy” act - especially when having a bad day! Your “jokes” aren’t that funny!

Breathe.  Anyway, what did y’all think?

This still ain’t so bad, but… (Nona’s Juice Cleanse: Day #2)

the one juice that takes me the longest to get down…

I didn’t go to sleep when I said I would, last night. Instead I watched another episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. But as soon as it ended I passed out cold…until…

1:20am Monkey wakes up crying for us. Both of us feeling so exhausted, Hubby brings Monkey to bed with us. Monkey falls asleep right away, although keeps moving around in his sleep.

6:45am Monkey wakes up for the day. I realize i never heard Hubby’s alarm go off at 6am, nor did i hear him get out of bed. I feel oddly awake, not needing to sleep in like i normally do.

7:00am surprised at how NOT hungry i feel right now.

7:15am i have my warm water with lemon juice while i make breakfast for Monkey.

7:45am i feed Monkey breakfast and sip my warm lemon water.

8:30am play stickers and jumping on the couch with Monkey.

9:00am Get ready for the day.

9:30am Get Monkey ready for the day

10:15am have first juice of the day — Essential Green. Super cold and refreshing. Play jumping on the couch again with Monkey, and then a little Peppa Pig down time.

11:30am nanny comes and i rush out the door for work. I feel good, but notice the pressure between my eyebrows. Pick up a bottle of water and iced green tea and immediately smell the hot buffet lunch just put out in the deli. For the first time during this cleanse i fell truly hungry. Rush out as fast as possible.

12:15pm have second juice for the day — grapefruit & mint. Why is this one the toughest for me to get down? I have never really been a grapefruit fan. I have tried it numerous times for its supposed “fat burning” qualities, but never really enjoyed it.

1:00pm have an appointment with a buyer. Feel happy to be busy doing something else other than staring at my computer.

2:25pm have the third juice for the day — Essential Green. Makes me feel quite full (or my stomach does, actually) although i notice that aftertaste again. Why only with the second round of green? I also notice how not hungry i feel. I normally eat SO much because i always feel hungry. I just don’t get it.

3:00pm start to feel a tad cranky suddenly. Eyes heavy.

3:30pm headache is back. Have 2 almonds thinking this might be a hunger reaction although i don’t feel hungry in my stomach.

4:15pm definitely feeling a bit hungry… I think. Maybe because i just saw my dad eat half a sandwich and then ask me if i’m still not eating. Still think it’s around 3:30pm, and have half a plum to hold me over until the next juice. i realize it’s already 4:15pm and actually time for the next juice. Crap.

4:20pm have the fourth juice for the day — Young Coconut Water. Still YUMMMMMM. definitely my favorite of the 6 juices. Keeping busy with work. Have to finish up whatever i can since i won’t be in the office tomorrow (Wednesdays are my days off from work, and days on for Mommy & Monkey time). It helps keep my mind off things.

6:00pm i start to a feel a little light-headed (2 more almonds).

6:30pm have the fifth juice for the day— Essential Red. so yummy. My uncle comments that it looks like V8 which he used to drink after every work out back in the day. I say this has way less sodium and tastes so much better than V8. :)

6:45pm leave for home. Feel some stomach movement, but i don’t FEEL hungry. So odd.  But, in all honesty, my stomach definitely does NOT feel fabulous.  Rush home as fast as I can.

7:30pm have some playtime with Monkey before bedtime.

8:15pm try and put Monkey to bed. After another 15 mins, he decides he wants Daddy to put him to sleep. I come out of Monkey’s room, and the warm aroma of the chinese food hubby ordered for dinner fills my nose and my stomach. I am suddenly super hungry.

8:30pm grab my final “juice” for the day — Almond Milk. definitely fills me up but doesn’t erase the waft of the take-out chinese food. I move myself into our bedroom, away from the smell. My hunger signals seem to be really controlled by smell and sight.

9:30pm pass out cold.  tomorrow’s my last day!

This ain’t so bad (Nona’s Juice Cleanse: Day #1)

my cup of lightly soaked almonds

5:45am Woke up to li’l monkey crying out for me from his room. Brought him into our bed, and went back to sleep while he had his milk.

6:00am Monkey refuses to let me sleep in. Drags me all around the apartment to play. There goes getting some rest in before the cleanse begins.

8:00am Drink my warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice while I play stickers with Monkey. Cooler Cleanse arrives with my juices for the next 3 days.

8:30am Make Monkey’s breakfast while he munches on some blueberries. My tummy starts to grumble. Catch myself before nibbling on some of Monkey’s cheerios like I usually do.

9:00am Get myself ready for the day.

9:15am Have my first juice of the day — Essential Greens. It’s green, but not so bad. I used to do wheatgrass shots everyday for a year way back in the day, and this juice is much tastier.

9:30am Get Monkey ready for the day.

10:30am Nani (my mom — thus Monkey’s Nani, or maternal grandmother) comes to watch Monkey while I’m at work. She says she hopes I don’t get faintish at work. ME too. I notice, once I leave for work, that my mouth/throat feel very dry. Wonder if that is a side effect of the juice.

11:00am Pick up a huge bottle of water and iced green tea (unsweetened, of course), plus a small bag of almonds to soak at work and munch on if i get super starved. See the Rickshaw Dumplings Truck on my way to work for the first time ever on this street. Of course, on the day I can’t eat anything. Booooooooooooo.

11:30am Have the second juice of the day — Grapefruit & Mint. Super grapefruity (bitterish). This one is tougher for me to get down than the Essential Greens. But get it down I do. It came at the perfect time, as I was starting to feel peckish. And sort of craving coffee (no usual Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from the ‘Bucks or home-brewed regular coffee with almond milk and splenda this a.m.)

1:00pm Start to feel a bit spacey. Nothing crazy. Take a couple almonds from the “soak” cup. Ah yes, much better. Who knew just 2 lightly soaked almonds would make me feel better. I’d normally be able to scarf down a whole bag and probably still feel hungry.

1:30am Dad asks what I want for lunch. I remind him that I am doing this juice cleanse with Noni. He says he’s getting a salad from downstairs. I don’t think he likes this cleanse idea very much. just sayin’

1:45pm Have the third juice of the day — Essential Greens again. Not doing so well with this “have a juice every 2 hours rule” as I keep adding in 15minutes to my time as the day goes on. Also notice a not so delicious aftertaste this time around. And I start to feel how freakin’ cold it is in my office right now. Wish I had a pair of fingerless gloves with me while I type and sip my juice.

2:00pm During my umpteenth time to the bathroom today, I realize how much warmer the bathroom is than my office. I have wireless…maybe I can just bring my laptop in here???

2:15pm Definitely start to feel a bit slower now. Had a walk-in buyer, and I think I was actually speaking in slow-motion to him. Head is feeling a bit heavy between the eyes. 2 more almonds it is then. They say I can have a small cup of berries or low-sugar fruit at my discretion (as well as the lightly soaked almonds), however, that means going downstairs and getting it. Why don’t I have a personal assistant again??? I am so lazy.

3:00pm Work on the computer throughout the day. G-chatting with Noni about HER day. No more walk-in buyers so far. First time I’ve ever said thank you for that.

3:50pm Have the fourth “juice” for the day — Young Coconut Water. Let me just say — yummmmmmmmmmmm. It has a “nutty” and sweet flavor, with no aftertaste whatsoever. I think the “worst” juices are behind me for the day. (I hope, anyway).

4:15pm One of my friends who’s done a couple of juice cleanses before BBMs to check in on me. I tell her I feel fine, and so far so good.

5:15pm I’m not feeling so fine right now. I don’t feel hungry, as much as I just have a very, very heavy head. It feels like those days when Monkey just refuses to sleep, and we’ve had a jam packed week, plus crazy busy at work. There’s pressure on my eyebrows and between. Not the usual kind of migraine that I’m used to.

5:30pm Hubby asked me where the grocery list was that I was supposed to send him. Crap. I didn’t even make the list. I had needed a whole bunch of stuff yesterday. What did I need? I can’t remember at all. Hubby says if I remember to email him as he is on the way to the grocery store in a few minutes.

5:45pm Start to feel cranky right now. Although that could just be the insanity that is my office. Good insanity, but insanity nonetheless. Plus, I still can’t remember what I needed from the grocery store. Blimey. I feel like an almond….wait 5 more minutes and it’s time for juice #5.

5:55pm Got sidetracked, but i have the fifth juice for the day — Essential Red. Like I presumed, it’s pretty yummy. So, as long as I make it through the first three juices, the final three are a piece of cake. Mmmmmmm, cake. (I’m assuming the almond milk is absolutely delicious). Hmmm, I wonder how Noni’s doing.

6:15pm 2 more almonds. That’s my quota for the day.

6:30pm Time to go home. I’m definitely starting to feel cranky. The people on the sidewalks are walking slower than normal, and i am very close to snapping at someone.

7:00pm Hug my little Monkey hello. He always makes me feel better no matter how I feel, then today he thinks it would be really funny to headbutt me…twice. He has a very hard head, just like his father. :) i have a terrible headache now from all angles.

7:45pm Hubby’s home, about to eat dinner. So I have my final “juice” for the day — Almond Milk. It is SO good! Yay for yummy end-of-the-day “juice”.

8:15pm My head is very heavy still and throbbing now where Monkey head bumped me. Luckily, he wants Hubby to put him to sleep tonight. Off to get ready for bed.

8:45pm In bed while I watch the end of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Love the procedural crime dramas. Can’t keep eyes open, though. Good night all. Another juice day awaits me.

Things you don’t know about Nona (6/27/11)

I have had a love for British Top 40 Radio ever since Hubby introduced me to Kiss100 more than 8 years ago.  I have always LOVED British Top 40 music, since I was a wee tiny music lover, but didn’t realize I could listen to it live online until Kiss100 came into my life.  Sadly, Kiss100 stopped playing online outside of the UK.  I moved onto BBC Radio 1, however they started giving me some trouble earlier this year (buffering, buffering).  I have thus moved onto Capital FM…however, it keeps freezing, and not coming back on (hello, refresh button).  Help!! 


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